Sacred Muse is a collaborative creative community developed by artists for artists.  Our goal is simple: to connect creatives with people who are active/prolific in like art forms and faith, to strengthen creativity, deepen spirituality, and to increase in personal skill and artistry.  Our hope is that by providing opportunities to encourage, equip and inspire, artists will feel valued, supported and empowered–and that by sharing our artist stories, we will be known for who we are, not just for what we produce.

Realizing that our artistic voice can instigate change in the world around us, our vision is that by becoming artists “fully alive”, we’ll then enhance and influence the communities we live in through mentorship, volunteerism and outreach.

Our growth will be strategic: initially starting as quarterly creative meet-ups around the Charlotte metro area called STiR:Charlotte (like a TEDtalks for creatives), easily accessible workshops regarding specific skills/disciplines, and a rich online presence complete with artist highlights, podcasts, and guest bloggers.

Check out our Ways to Connect page to catch a glimpse of what’s coming in 2016…and make plans to be a part of our local creative meet-ups and workshops…and check back in as we update event details and continue to add new and exciting opportunities aimed at giving you the connection you’ve been so hungry for, in a community that truly speaks your creative language.

Sacred Muse: not just embracing the arts, but embracing the artist.