Ways to Connect

Throughout 2016 we’ll be scheduling a wide variety of opportunities for artists to create, connect, grow and make an impact.  Stay tuned as we begin to add specific dates and times to our events calendar…and open registrations!  It’s going to be an exciting year, and we can’t think of a better way to spend it than in community with you!


STiR:Charlotte is a quarterly meet-up for creatives from sacred communities, focused on sharing our artist stories and exploring the dynamics of integrating faith and creativity.
SAVE THE DATES for 2016:1•16•16, 4•23•16, 7•30•16, and 10•17•16. You won’t want to miss it!




COLLECTiVE is a hands-on, project-focused gathering that introduces artists to a wide variety of art forms and the dynamics of group collaboration. It will be a great platform for experimentation, discovery and simply getting un-stuck. The best part is: you don’t have to go it alone! Got a great idea for a COLLECTiVE forum? Let us know!



INTENSiVES are workshops, clinics and Master Classes led by local prolific artsists that highlight elements of technique and form (from the fundamentals to elite-level methods) in a wide variety of creative disciplines and mediums. Class size will be limited to insure plenty of personal interaciton. Interested in Leading an intensive? We’d love to hear from you!



AXiOS (meaning “of value or worth”) is a series of monthly get-togethers with a casual vibe that allow us to authentically engage with each other, share our stories, and be known for who we are…not just what we produce. No matter what venue we choose to meet in, you can count on candid conversation…and walking with people who really get you…just as you are.



BiG BACK YARD is a community initiative intent on nurturing creative culture in our own neighborhoods byconnecting people to the transforming creativity of God through projects that open dialoge and spark imagination and illumination. Have an unconventional vision for engaging people through the arts? We’d love to help!


Outside the Box-01OUTREACH:

OUTSiDE the BOX is a missional initiatve aimed at getting artists out of our comfort zones and connected with people in other cultures.Our plan is to coordinate short-term domestic and international trips and partner with existing creative missions organizations who are already serving around the world. We’ll love, we’ll serve…and we’ll create something beautiful toghether.



SuRGE {to move suddenly and powerfully forward and upward} is a series of retreats designed to help us recharge our creative batteries. Whether for specific creative disciplines or topics of general creativity, inspiration, and/or personal development, plans include local day trips, as well as weekend and week-long stays at the beach or in the mountains. Stay tuned for more info!



222 is ongoing volunteer peer-to-peer mentoring inspired by 2 Timothy 2:2, where we’re challenged to pass on and train others in the things that we’ve learned. By sharing our own creative experiences, insight and encounters with God, we are able to encourage, equip and inspire each other toward higher creativity. Need a mentor…want to be a mentor? Sign up today!



CoMPASS is a one-on-one coaching service designed to help you navigate through the complex terrain of creative practice. Whether your blocked, need help staying on track, or simply need help figuring out where you’re going, we can help set the course for your creative journey. Choose from several package options to suit your development needs, commitment level and personal budget.