STiR:charlotte – Building Bridges | Inspiring Creatives

STiR image_smOn January 16th, 2016 the fellowship hall of CityChurch Charlotte was filled with the high-energy hum of Charlotte creatives in attendance at the first-ever STiR:charlotte event, hosted by SacredMuse.  The day was filled with personal stories…from table talk among artists representing almost 20 different sacred communities in Charlotte…to the panel of presenters, each sharing about the inescapable “Compelling” that has drawn them into creative careers and the unique ways they manage to integrate faith and creativity.


The venue was filled with a wide range of ages and skill levels…but everyone present shared a deep affection for the creative process. “Compelling” may have been the over-arching theme for the day, but the tangible pay-offs for attendees were connection, inspiration and the permission to dream again.

One attendee stated:

“I’m just so inspired! I’ve alway done my art as a very private thing. But today, I realized that, by sharing it with others, my voice can actually have an impact on the world around me…and that my voice matters.”

Another said:

“It was SO encouraging! I instantly connected with everyone…even though we came from different parts of town and different sacred communities and had different forms of creative expression…we all spoke the same language. It just reminded me that I’m not alone…”

Another confessed:

“I want to go home, quit my job and do what I’ve always dreamed of doing. But even though I can’t just quit like that, I can take a big step in the right direction by getting these ideas that are in my head down on paper. I can’t wait for the next event…it’ll be a big help in keeping me on track!”


JOIN US for the upcoming STiR:charlotte on April 23, 2016, held at 8519 Gilead Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
 (with special thanks to our friends at Lake Forest Church).  The topic will be “In the Beginning(s) navigating false starts, detours and distractions“.

REGISTRATION begins at 8am, March 23rd on Eventbrite. Tickets are FREE, but space is limited. So gather your friends, creative teams or simply challenge yourself to make it to the next STiR:charlotte event.  It’s guaranteed to be time well spent!


STiR:Charlotte is a quarterly meet-up for creatives from sacred communities, focused on the dynamics of integrating faith and creativity, and the telling of artist stories (like a TEDtalks for creatives). It’s designed to be a powerful encounter that will encourage, equip and inspire you toward higher creativity–whether you’re a seasoned professional, hobbyist, closet artist or simply wanting to engage with the creative process.

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