Bringing Music and Art Together

I was delighted to watch these 2 videos that fused Derek Webb’s hauntingly ambient music together with edgyy visual representation from two exceptionally talented artists.  It just simply made my heart happy.

The first is a behind-the-scenes look at Scott Erickson‘s creative process in the making of the “Feedback” paintings:

The second is a speed video of Jeremy Cowart‘s creation of “A Portrait of Christ”:

Quite honestly, we here at Sacred Muse would love to see more and MORE of this kind of creative collaboration happening within the Body of Christ.

So what about you?  Have you got any cool collaboration ideas runnin’ around in your brain?  Let us know…maybe we can help! (…and if we can’t, maybe we can connect you with the people who can!)

The Righteous Re-Work

It’s so inspiring to find artists who are willing to look at something iconically familiar and have the courage to ask, “How can we give that a righteous re-work?”

These musicians from Croatia embody that moxie…and they do it with bravado and skill. Kudos to you, Sulic & Hauser!  You’ve made me want to look at everything I’m accustomed to in a fresh and innovative way.  Thanks for encouraging the creative process!

Have you taken a new approach on something lately?  If you have, please share it below.  If you’re struggling to answer…well, then I double dog dare you…