Fostering A Creative Mind

I discovered creativity expert Eric Maisel on YouTube.  I found his ideas quite refreshing because of his cognitive approach to creativity.  I took the liberty of re-titling his video clip for this blog, because I think that ultimately what he’s teaching on is how to care for a creative mind, rather than how to get one.

I’ll be highlighting more of his videos in the future, because I love the way he takes a scientifically sound look at the artistic process and addresses many of the challenges and pitfalls that threaten our imaginative thinking, in his own brainy way!


3 Important Steps to Acquiring (Fostering) a Creative Mind:

  1. Quieting the mind (avoid monkey mind) to allow creative ideas to percolate.
  2. Adjusting negative self-talk by:  a). listening to our inner dialogue,  b). disputing the thoughts that are untrue, and  c). substituting more affirmative language
  3. Sleep thinking to aid the creative process apart from the cloud of a million tiny thoughts keeping you from the Big Ideas.

So how about you?

  • Have you tried his technique of intentionally stopping in the middle of a cram-packed, hurried-up day to create a rested mind?
  • What are some of the biggest bullies in your negative inner dialogue?  Where do you think those ideas came from?  (Sometimes identifying the source can help us more directly address the issues that keep those thoughts rattling around in our head).
  • What is your perspective on the concept of “sleep thinking” that he shared? Have you tried his idea of going to bed with an idea of wonder instead of worry? I can’t wait to try that one myself!

We’d love to hear your stories regarding the concepts in this video.  So if you gained personal insight, experienced an area of breakthrough by using one of Eric’s techniques, or simply have an opinion about the video, please share your thoughts below!

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