Wooden Heart by Listener

This is one of the most poignant videos I’ve ever seen.  Days after I first watched it…and I’m still mulling over its intricacies.  The lyrics pack such powerful punches, it’s staggering really…and then to marry that to such raw visuals…I feel like I’ve been hugged and torn open all at the same time.  I find myself wanting to stop after each small phrase and contemplate the deepness of intent and the elegance of the metaphor.

It’s very rare that a music video leaves me stirred up AND speechless, and yet this one does…with no apologies, no regrets.  It’s as if I was lovingly bludgeoned by its beauty. The poetry is so authentically and passionately delivered that I ache with empathy, and yet want to weep openly for my own fragile condition.

I hope you watch it.  I hope you engage with it.  And I hope it completely and utterly ruins you…forever.